“We facilitate your digital transformation journey”


Digital Transformation

Whether rebuilding a legacy content management system, creating new web or micro sites for your campaigns, apps to connect with your users, e-commerce to drive transactions or AI powered analytics to improve customer journeys, Grappia’s connected & best in breed partners will transform your enterprise to match best in class 21st century expectations. Highly skilled Q/A centres provide the bullet proofing required to guarantee robust deliveries that will deliver when engagement is most needed.

Global Video production

Scale your global video productions improving efficiency and reducing cost with our world leading 13,000 production partners everywhere, working locally to maximise the ROI. Managed by expert producers and a unique content + communication tool, our team of experts can create any format or genre; whether animations, corporate or creative executions.

Interactive video

Shoppable video takes the e-commerce experience one level higher. Gain insights and analytics learning more about your customers interests and preferences within your pre-defined experience, enabling your brand to evolve and transform consumers expectations.

Media & marketing services

In a fast moving landscape, Grappia’s 30 years expertise in quality news and consumer media can help guide your future strategy towards new audiences and customer engagements sought by your pillar brands. Whether experiential , online or mobile, let us create a digital strategy to challenge status quo.

Music and Podcasts

We’ve teamed up with one of London’s leading internet radio stations offering studio production facilities to develop your podcasts and unique sound; whether for internal comms or outbound campaigns, let our award winning partners develop your brief.