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Grappia HR Induction Platform

Our aim is to reduce staff churn by 25% in the important induction period, when newbies can feel left out, unappreciated or simply fall behind, as business managers face daily challenges to keep ahead of the rest.  The drain on resources this has on your business can be significant given that on average companies experience a 12% annual churn rate. As the UK economy returns to GDP levels last experienced in 2007/2008, staff turnover is expected to grow.  Find out how the Grappia HR mobile ready Induction solution can help your team get connected and assist in retaining key staff during this crucial growth cycle.

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Topic Flower

While many social media platforms and tools in the market aim at helping brands and management better understand trends, monitor dialogue and gauge community behaviour, none are better equipped to effectively manage your communication strategy on the fly.  Topic Flower has been crafted for ease of use, revealing trends and insights generated by your brand messaging in social media communities.  The platform ensures the themes discussed by your audience chime with predetermined communication goals.  Learn more about Topic Flower’s power to discern what your community really thinks of your campaigns.

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Merchandising Retail iPad app

Increasing speed to market by doing away with paper diagrams and old fashioned XL inventory based programmes can give your retail operation significant advantages and stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Plan your retail space effectively, give local managers the power to test new layouts and interact with HQ “on the fly”.
  • Implement marketing plans to reflect regional differences and market trends.
  • Create templates to satisfy multi store management effectively
  • Allow staff to actively take part on the sales floor with suggestions and feedback…grow your business and a collegiate team building approach to retail success!

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